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Dear Valued Subscriber,

Throughout my journey in boutique business, I have collectively received many queries from my subscribers, as well as valuable inputs from various boutique owners who are generous in sharing their experiences with me.  Today I have made it simpler, easier for you to have access to these information which are all about Opening a Boutique.  They are useful information, tips and true hardship experiences which I am sure will help you in one way or another. 

Information is truly the most powerful tool to help us in planning for Opening a Boutique. You see, if you would recognize the proven methods to open a boutique the right way from the beginning, you could spend less time worrying and see lucrative profits sooner.  I knew only knowledge and experience could drive me to avoid the pitfalls and focus on the aspects which matter most to start and keep my boutique running.

Yet another gem of an e-book - "The Jewels of Opening A Boutique".  You don't need to go through the frustration of finding information elsewhere, I am pleased to share this with you.

I've recently put together a download-able eBook called ........

  "The Jewels of Opening A Boutique"

High quality collection, all tips and information you must-know about YOUR start-up guide to Opening a Boutique.
Even some guidance and tips to OPERATING Your Boutique store effectively.
Bonus packs, featuring Real Success Stories of Boutique Owners and Fashion Designer who started from ZERO.
Loaded with personal collection of boutique stores photo taken from various countries.
Free bonus for your fast action!

You need to act very QUICKLY!
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How To Decide Where To Advertise - eBook

Where do you find the prospects who are most ready, willing and able to become your customers?

So today, we’re going to remedy that – with a basic, plain-English guide to selecting the media that will give your promotions the greatest likelihood of success.


(Value: $53.45)

The Small Business Bible - eBook

There are no guarantees, and yes, there are obstacles in any businesses.  But if you do it right, if you start the right small business—one suited to your strengths, one that you are passionate about, one that epitomizes your highest dreams and values, and certainly one that allows you to make a nice profit—then there is no telling how far it can take you.

This book shows you how to get there.


(Value: $47.90)

Survival Tips for Small Businesses - eBook

In this eBook, you will learn some survivals tip for small businesses - applicable to all types of businesses.  Many pressing questions asked to ponder your thinking, including personal considerations.  Back to basics!!


(Value: $49.95)

Inventory Management - eBook

Successful inventory management involves balancing the costs of inventory with the benefits of inventory. Many small business owners fail to appreciate fully the true costs of carrying inventory, which include not only direct costs of storage, insurance and taxes, but also the cost of money tied up in inventory.

This fine line between keeping too much inventory and not enough is not the manager's only concern.  Learn more about inventory management to manage your cash!


“In A Time Of Turbulence And Change,
It Is More True Than Ever That
Knowledge Is Power.” 

~ Quoted by John F.Kennedy ~

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I pledge a portion of the profits to (click to see) as no-interest micro loans for small businesses operated by working, impoverished women in developing countries

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   I look forward to your boutique success!



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