Why Opening A Consignment Shop?

by everlin on April 9, 2013

Graphic from ConsignmentMommies.com

When times are hard, it is a person’s survival instincts to find a way to lessen his expenses and avoid debts as much as he can. However, since certain needs have to be provided for, there’s also a need to spend more money. People who want to save on certain items go to resale shop to get them at cheaper prices. If you are always first in line when there’s a good bargain, opening a consignment shop is an ideal way of turning your skill into a potentially profitable business. But before venturing out into this kind of business, make sure that you have done your research well to ensure its viability.

There are many boutique consignment shop selling high-price/branded items which include handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories.  (Really! As you just started the opening of consignment shop, it is normal for taking some time to grow your consigners list).  Why do the boutique owners prefer to carry designer’s brands for their new opening of consignment shop? Simply those clothing are items that people usually okay to buy second hand – due to its high cost and buyers are wanted to keep up with fashion trends, or to wear it just once for special occasion.

There was a scene in the movie Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw interviews Louise (played by Jennifer Hudson) for the post of a personal assistant. In the midst of the interview, Carrie notices that Louise has with her a designer handbag of the current season. How does she afford it? “It’s rented. ‘Bag, Borrow or Steal’,” says Louise casually.  In America, renting branded items is nothing new. In fact, it’s practically a fashion trend, especially to those who love fashion but lack the “modal” for it.

Some references of consignment shop; hopefully to give you some ideas of opening a consignment shop.

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