This Month’s November: 3 Tips for Opening Boutique

by everlin on November 1, 2013

1. Thumper Rule. You remember what Thumper told Bambi; if you don’t have something nice to say about another business don’t say anything at all – or some variation of that.  You don’t have to share your business situation with your clients (especially not good one!) not simply to hide from them but it is just not necessary.

2. Neighborly Love. Promoting and supporting neighboring businesses can do wonders for your own. Scratch their back and you’re likely to receive the same in return.  I believe in words of mouth – so, friends bring friends and that certainly the best thing you ever had as boutique owners.

3. Check yo’ self. Experience your boutique store through the customer’s eyes. Literally walk outside, walk back in and take yourself through a shopping experience of your own boutique store.  Do sanity check i.e. Does the boutique store attractive to keep you stay longer?  Is it easy to spot new arrivals or is the displays of clothing attractive and so on….

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