Packaging Clothing

by everlin on December 26, 2013

In the last couple of months, I did some researches of packaging clothing for online purchase.  I worked with multiple suppliers specializing in product packaging and throughout the process; I learned there are many ways to package the clothing and some looking far nicer than others.  I used to wrap the clothes I sold in transparent plastic wrapper and then pop them into the box or mailing envelope (depending on the quantity).  This was not bad, or rather standard for most boutique owners.  However, it would be good as retailer / boutique owner to continuously improve in this area – packaging as we all know, makes a lot difference to your products.  Added value!

One of the various ways you as clothing sellers / boutique owners can easily apply – professional but personal is that wrap each item in a 1 MIL clear plastic bag and taped closed.  You can also choose to use organic envelope as to support Eco friendly).  Label each of the items.  When your customer makes his/her purchases, you can easily gather the items together and place them in a shipping box or poly mailer.  Do remember to include your business card, and the printed invoice, hand signed by you and thanking your customer for his/her purchases.


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