Promote Your Clothing Boutique

by everlin on December 22, 2013

Boutique owners can market their products, storefront and sales through the creative marketing opportunities.  In my recent researches, I learned that more and more promotional techniques include video and photography.

  • How-to Videos: Show the latest trends in fashion from your boutique on a model or client through a video.  Do this every time you have a sale or a new season of products.
  • Makeover Photo slideshow: Show real clients transformed with the expertise of your boutique staff and your clothing, accessories, or other fashion products.
  • Trend Articles: Demonstrate to your client how to translate the latest fashion trends into their daily wardrobe with a photo essay or article. Relate these trends to national and international fashion weeks, magazines, and celebrities’ styles and see higher traffic on your boutique’s web site.
  • Collection Preview: Let customers know of your upcoming line of clothing or accessories through a collection preview, featuring articles, photos and even videography.
  • Product Reviews: Boost your sales by featuring product reviews from your boutique, informing potential customers about a product’s fit, comfort, and style.
  • Travel Style: Reach the holiday with articles about popular travel fashion and products from your boutique.
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