How Much Inventory To Start With?

by everlin on September 8, 2010

In clothing retail business, you don’t need to put all your cash in your inventory. Start with good quality clothing that will be most sellable and then increase your inventory when your business starts to grow.

Be knowledgeable of the products you would sell. If you don’t know much about your products, it will also lead you to failure. Choose an appropriate location for you and your clients. It doesn’t need to be large at first. Remember, you need to start small. Don’t waste your money spending on overheads when you are just starting. Be friendly with your customers. They will love to go back to your shop if they are happy with the service you give them.

Your merchandise should be of good quality. It is the top priority of customers besides low cost. You can always put a suggestion box in your business so you know what your customers think about your store. There can be positive comments which will put a smile on your face whenever you read that there are happy customers. There are also negative comments, which will help you improve your business.

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